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12 March 2024
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ThéMoSiA is a French multi-disciplinary research federative network gathering researchers developing or using theories, methodologies or performing simulations in which the atomistic scale is of major interest. Theories from quantum mechanics to mesoscopic modeling are used independently or within multi-scale models. ThéMoSiA stands at the crossroads of a large number of research fields and applications in chemistry, biology and physics. Its members are federated around the use and development of theoretical tools of general interest in order to meet the current and future scientific challenges. ThéMoSiA aims to support research at all scales, to allow knowledge sharing between its members, to create new bridges by initiating interfaces between methods, people, and fields to promote the emergence of new concepts and paradigms. 

National actions are organized by its members to meet the goals of ThéMoSiA. Moreover, regional hubs are also key in animating scientific life and organizing local training sessions.


Virtual Conference on #MachineLearning in Chemical and Materials Sciences 2024

May 20-23, 2024
Deadline: March 31, 2024
Free registration


Les candidatures pour le prix de thèse Gaston Berthier 2024 sont ouvertes. Prix remis conjointement par @ModSim_DCP / @reseauSCF et @TheMoSiA_RFCT Plus d'infos ici :

Date limite : 28/03/2024.

Calls for initiation of collaboration and support for the organization of scientific events are also open. Visit for more details. Deadline: 2024/03/28. #compchem

The Gaston Berthier 2024 Thesis Prize is now open. Visit for more details. Deadline: 2024/03/08. #compchem

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